When purchasing interior design materials selling at 【Spin ・ the ・ best】, you need to agree to the following contents.

It is not a copyright-free design material.
We will take appropriate measures for malicious misuse that does not comply with our terms of service.

Interior embroidery design material Terms of use

Terms of use and scope

It can be used for individuals or groups for both profit and non-profit.

Only purchased individuals and organizations can download and process.

Within the above range,

  • Basically there is no duty of credit notation (author’s representation) or report of use.
  • Processing, synthesis, and deformation are free. (Excluding prohibited items)

If you wish to use for commercial use, please consult us from this form after specifying purpose of use / means / scale etc.


All the design materials we sell at 【Spin The Best】 are royalty free.
The obtained design can be used any number of times without paying the secondary usage fee.

The available range of the image is as follows. please confirm.

Basically, except for selling this image as it is, or selling images that have been edited / processed using this image, or using these images for sale items, for commercial and non-commercial use You can use it freely in both.

■ Standard license: scope of use

  • Decoration of your own home (office) Decorating interior design
  • A sketch for your own embroidery production
  • Private gift items (Groups are not allowed)
  • The use of the design for guidance in the embroidery classroom etc
  • Design of postcards and greeting cards for private and PR
  • Design of stickers and seals for private and PR
  • Sticker:Used in personal range such as LINE and mail
  • Design on the homepage of individuals and organizations
  • Other personal use

■ Prohibited items

  • Publishing the image as it is on the homepage, pamphlet etc.
    (Prohibition of publication in a state where third party can download only image material: Be sure to drop it into your own design and use it)
  • Distribution and resale of images themselves and processed images
  • Sticker:Distribution / resale of edited and processed stamps (Individual use registration at LINE is possible, but sales application is not possible)
  • Production and sales of products incorporating images
  • Use as a service mark or a trademark incorporating images
  • Use as a premium or service product incorporating images
  • Usage on sites contrary to public order and morality, such as obscene / profanityful description
  • Heterosexual introduction business ・ Use at dating site
  • Use on sites relating to religion, politics, thought
  • Use closely related, such as by suggesting or guaranteeing relationships with their abilities and quality of service
  • To create things of pornography, obscenity, obscene, immoral nature by processing, synthesis and deformation

Disclaimer regarding service

  • All use of the service of this site shall be done at the user’s responsibility
  • We are not responsible for any use of the image our company provides by our users. The user shall assume all responsibility for the use of the image provided by the Company
  • Service offer price of this site is subject to change without notice
  • With respect to this clause, we shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to the user for any reason without exception
  • Prices subject to change without notice

ICL Technology Office Representative Eihiro Okumura