In response to the request of “Awesome! I want you to sell these for $!”, Finally we will send elegance of Japan style towards the world.

We added 18 items of not-for-sale japanese calligraphy images to 10 items of current embroidery design images, and we started a worldwide sales of bulk set sales (L size) with incredible price.

Embroidery design image: series 1 set
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  • If you decorate with framing visitors can be mistaken for genuine embroidery!
  • It’s a transparent image so you can edit and edit freely!
  • Because it is a transparent image it is infinite how to use!
  • Also for the data conversion for embroidery machines!
  • It comes with japanese calligraphy images now!
  • With this, the interior of the house is freely changeable every four seasons!

In addition, “Embroidery design image set” For purchasers “Embroidery & Japanese style stamp set” is also included.

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US $23.00 (tax included)
Image size / format:
L: 3072 × **** or **** × 3072 transparent png
Bonus (book): 1428 × 1605 jpg

On January 17, 2018, the 23rd year since the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake has arrived.

Hanshin Awaji Earthquake Hanshin Express collapsed
Fukaemoto-machi Hanshin Express collapse site photo by Kobe City

In this memorial day which can not be forgotten, I feel very emotional that I can start selling the set items of embroidery design images to the world strangely.

Therefore, after the 23rd year, we started selling at a low price 23 $ which is not suitable for the trouble of making a transparent image at all.

Disasters can not be avoided, but everyone can narrow down wisdom and everyone can help each other and live.

I pray that everyone’s family will be pleasantly happy forever.

Since it is a transparent image, it is infinite! I would be pleased if you could make it an intangible asset of your home within the scope of the terms of use.

Embroidery design material is a digital product to download.

Although it is royalty free, it is not copyright-free so you need to agree to the terms of service when you purchase it.

All items of embroidery design image set

※ When you click on the image, each detail page opens.

Alice picking flowers

Anne and her pet dog Laplace

Boy’s and girl’s Polka

The garden party’s beautiful Diana(pink)

The garden party’s beautiful Fiona(blue)

Rural scene in the Netherlands

Rabbit Kiddyard

Not for sale japanese calligraphies 18 items
Sunshoan shikishi (a square piece of fancy paper for writing or painting on ; 121 mm × 136 mm)
Conformity image

Click here for details of japanese calligraphy

Olivia sniffing flowers

Daniel selling cactus

Emperor(odairi-sama) and Empress(ohina-sama)

All this


US $23.00
EUR 20,00


Embroidery design image is transparent png

Usage is infinite!

Now that you can handle images is a common era as well as Word and Excel, please use it to make your life prosperous.

Bonus: 18 japanese calligraphies (not for sale)

※ If you click on the image, you can see the enlarged image on the spot!
You can see it like a slide show with left and right arrows.

※ If you decorate the four seasons of handwriting between the entrance and the floor, the dignity of the house will be more prominent!

Crane flying

A couple of cranes


Japanese badminton(‘Hanetsuki’)


KOTOBUKI Dance(‘寿’)



A couple of ducks

A couple of ducks

Confederate Rose

Confederate Rose(‘fuyo’)

Japanese Doll's Festival

Japanese Doll’s Festival(‘Hinamatsuri’)

spring, summer, fall and winter

spring, summer, fall and winter

Japanese wisteria

Japanese wisteria(‘fuji’)

Ear of japanese cattail

Ear of japanese cattail(‘gama’)

Japanese dogtooth violet flowers

Japanese dogtooth violet flowers(‘katakuri’)

Japanese bamboo

Japanese bamboo(‘take’)

Japanese bamboo shoot

Japanese bamboo shoot(‘takenoko’)

Japanese pussy willow

Japanese pussy willow(‘nekoyanagi’)

Japanese cosmos

Japanese cosmos(‘kosumosu’)

Autumn of the village

Autumn of the village

Fuji Mountain

Fuji Mountain

Spring of the ancient capital

Spring of the ancient capital

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Embroidery design image: series 1 set

■ Embroidery design image set : 10 images All L size Transparency png + privilege: 18 picture book images jpg

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